FMSLogo 6.29.1

A program based on the LOGO programming language that lets you create graphics
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FMSLogo is a program for creating graphics. The idea of this program is not to compete with any other application used for creating images; it was just created for didactic purposes. It is based on one of the oldest programming languages, called LOGO, used for creating graphics.

To create a graphic image, you have to provide the instructions by typing the required commands. The commands are not difficult to execute. In the center of the screen, there is an arrow that will be drawing the figures. You will have to indicate the direction of the arrow and the number of steps it has to make. You can adjust the Pen size and can use shapes instead of the arrow, as well as set different drawing points. You can create your own procedures to simplify the typing, use arithmetical functions, logical operations, macro commands, variables, and more. So you can create amazing geometrical figures. The graphics you create can be saved into GIF or BMP format and can be printed. FMSLogo also allows you to play MIDI and WAVE sounds and tracks from a CD.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can create amazing geometrical figures and play sounds


  • Merely for didactic purposes
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